The Therapist Visit

I started seeing a therapist yesterday.

I have only been to therapy three or four times in my life. Each of those times it lasted for only a visit or two. They start telling me all the things in my life I need to change. I’m not stupid. I know what needs to change. I also know I can’t / won’t change them. What I need is someone to help me to deal with my situation as it is.

If at some point, much later in our sessions, we are able to agree on something I can and want to change, so be it. But please don’t start off telling me any changes. You don’t even know me yet.

My sister is a therapist. I rarely speak with her because she immediately starts to analyze me and give very forward instructions on changes I must make. Again, she lives more than 1,000 miles away, we very rarely speak or see each other. How can she even begin to understand or know me?

Lots of things to say about “Sissy”, but I’ll get to that another time.

The first session went relatively well. However, she was 10 minutes late for our appointment. Not because she was with someone else and running behind; simply because she wasn’t there yet. I informed her at the end of the session that I tend to speak bluntly and straight forwardly. I told her it irritated me that she was late and I don’t find that acceptable. I, too, am in a professional position. A true professional isn’t late unless it is absolutely unavoidable. She said she understood and is normally not late. We’ll see.


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