Not Sure….

I’m not exactly sure why I am doing this blog. (Is that what this is called? Am I now a blogger?)

Mostly, I think I just need an outlet; all my own, with no one to judge. You can judge if you are reading this and I’d be happy to hear your comments. But, anonymity is very empowering. I can say or be what I want. If you disagree, it’s okay. If I have to face my daughter, my husband, my family, my co-workers, it is difficult to leave the differences behind and live life knowing they exist.

I went to the doctor yesterday. Nothing really wrong; just a follow up. I wanted to tell her that I am just plain exhausted and ask if this is normal. She asked if I am depressed. I said, “how would I know?” She asked me a couple of questions and concluded that I am simply burnt out.  What does one do with burnout? I am on vacation from work for about nine days. Lots of appointments planned. My daughter has a doctor appointment for a check up, a psychiatric appointment for med evaluation, and an ortho appointment for pain in a knee that she already had surgery on. We both have dentist appointments. We already did appointments for getting both cars serviced. Is all of this how you handle burnout? My doctor said take some time off work. Well this is what time off looks like.

Have to add this abut getting the cars serviced. Can anyone do anything right anymore?  It was supposed to take about 40 minutes. I get there and they say more like an hour and a half. So, I wait in their waiting room for just short of that. The rep finally comes with my paperwork and I am on my way. A block down the street I see my alert light on. Tire pressure is low and not at factory standards. They did my air pressure at 30 pounds and it should be 35. Had to go back and get that corrected. Very apologetic, they were. But shouldn’t I have gotten a tank of gas of something for the inconvenience???? Sorry means crap to me.


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