If Only I Knew Sooner

The educational system and law enforcement have failed too many kids with Autism or Asperger’s. When I think back to all the recesses my daughter missed, lunches spent in the office, all the detentions, parent / teacher / school social worker conferences, it sickens me and breaks my heart. For years, my child was punished for bad behaviors that she couldn’t control. She’s smart, articulate, witty and wonderful. I am not the expert. I thought she was just a “brat” and I had failed at being able to hold her accountable for her behaviors. With all of the school social workers, school psychologists and even teachers we dealt with, how is it none of them thought to even consider that her issues were anything other than bad behavior?

Since her diagnosis of Asperger’s two years ago, I have tried everything in my power to get her into a school environment that can educate her while understanding her uniqueness. Yes, they make concessions for her, they give her special treatment – arrive to class late, go to a safe place when she needs to, eat lunch in the guidance office. But there is still so much more that she needs.

She is doing wonderfully; making the best of a bad situation. But why is she having to adapt to the world and school instead of the world and school adapting to her?

There must be more that can be done, if only the right people took action.


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