My Reason for Being Here

Simply being a 61 year old woman with many life experiences; maybe you can relate, maybe you can’t.

To start, I am a parent of an autistic 16 year old daughter and a wife to a chronically, mentally ill husband. This is my third marriage and 5th. long term relationship. Two of those ended in the death of my husband / boyfriend / mate, or whatever term is appropriate for a 7 year living together relationship. Both that ended in death were nearly exactly 7 years of us being together. I started feeling that 7 years held some significance to me, but fortunately, my current marriage has lasted for 18 years with another 3 years added to that of living together prior to marriage.

To say life has been challenging would be an understatement. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface with these few words. I plan to continue with this in hopes that someone can connect, empathize, laugh at me, laugh with me. I think it makes me feel better to write. I have always wanted to.

Will end for now.



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